About EZ Aqua

EZ Aqua consulting was established by Elad Zohar, an experienced aquaculture and algae project manager.
By utilizing its strong professional network, the company can provide a wide range of services in different locations and fields.
The company identifies and selects the best professionals and facilities to support our projects, according to the customer desires and needs.

Value proposition: Integrity and speed

In a fast moving industry, saturated with false claims and opportunism, EZ Aqua Consulting is committed to provide a REAL industry and market view, which allows a quick decision making process.


EZ Aqua Consulting is a professional service provider, aiming to support and develop our customers with sustainable and economic solutions.
Our activities range from lab scale to commercial enterprises in different global environments

About Elad Zohar

Elad gained his Bachelor degree in Animal Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University, and an MBA from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
With over 10 years of global experience, Elad has gained significant experience in the science and business environments of the aquaculture and algae fields, and provides his knowhow to development of new and on-going projects